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Where can I purchase SEA&SEA products?
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Where can I send my SEA&SEA product for service or warranty?

The Product Servce and Warranty link HERE or located above will have all the information and forms required for sending your product to the appropriate service facility or to SEA&SEA for warranty evaluation.

How can I purchase service parts for my SEA&SEA product?

Whether you are a retailer or consumer, you may contact our service center to purchase service parts. Contact information for the service center may be found HERE or on the Product Service and Warranty page located above.

You can also visit the SEA&SEA US online store HERE to find replacement items and accessories for your product.

What is an o-ring?

An O-ring is a gasket used on SEA&SEA housings to keep them waterproof. You will find O-rings sealing the buttons, ports and doors of all SEA&SEA housings. All SEA&SEA O-rings are colored blue.

How do I care for my O-rings?

It is best to clean and lubricate the door and port o-rings before each use. Visit the Basic Maintenance page HERE.

O-rings may be cleaned with fresh water and then lubricated with SEA&SEA silicone grease. It is important to use only the suggested silicone grease. Other types of grease may cause the o-ring to become gummy, attracting debris. For all other sealed O-rings, have them serviced annually by a SEA&SEA Service Facility.

How do I clean my cameras housing?

After each use it is important to soak your camera housing in fresh water. This should be done before any salt water or chlorine has had time to dry. Be certain that your housing is sealed before you submerse it in water. Activate all buttons and controls while soaking. DO NOT USE any other chemicals or cleaning agents on your camera housing!