Compact Digital Camera Support:

Software and Drivers:

YS-D1 Strobe Firmware Update (USA Customers Only) (October, 2012)

Issue Fixed with Update: Firmware revision to update low-battery level indicator feature and other related functionality.

Download firmware update sheet (.pdf) for specific service instructions here.

For all other regions, please contact the SEA&SEA Distributor in your area.

Canon 18-55mm Zoom Gear #SS-31119 Instruction Update (October, 2011)

Issue Fixed with Update: Updated assembly instructions for Canon 18-55mm series lenses for use with SEA&SEA Canon Housings.

Download updated instruction sheet (.pdf) here.

DX-2G Firmware Update (May 18, 2009)

Issue Fixed with Update: Full 9 language support on DX-2G.

SEA&SEA has confirmed that the first production of DX-2G cameras shipped on or before May 15th, 2009 only display 2 languages: English and Japanese.

Please update your camera's firmware and follow the installation instructions below if you desire additional language support.

  • Download file "" to your PC and unzip the file (requires winzip).
  • Copy the "dlaunch8" file to your SD data card and insert the card into the DX-2G.
  • Set mode dial as "SCENE".
  • Press and hold "Play" button and "Up" arrow key together for approximately 10 seconds or less.
  • You will see a message displayed on the screen "! Execute?". And then, select "Yes".
  • Download will finish within 5 seconds. The DX-2G camera will reboot automatically.
  • Check languages in menu and operate camera normally.

DX-2G Language Setup Instructions (May 2009)

SEA&SEA has received reports that a small number of DX-2G digital cameras meant for the US market, (Part Number: SS-06604A) have been received with the factory default language setting as Japanese.

In order to change the default language setting to English, or your preferred language, please consult your DX-2G user manual or download instructions HERE.

You will need the following items to proceed:

  • DX-2G Camera
  • Fully charged Battery
If you require further assistance, please email