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MDX-D810 Housing

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YS-D2 Strobe

YS-D1 Strobe

"I love my SEA&SEA Housing.  Before I purchased it, I went to the Scuba Show and held all the available housings for my camera.  SEA&SEA's ergonomically designed housing fits comfortably in my hands, and all the levers and buttons are within easy reach, while maintaining a finger on the trigger.  I have used SEA&SEA ports, strobes, TTL converters,  viewfinders and other accessories all to my great satisfaction.  SEA&SEA's quality and versatility is second to none."



Brook Peterson


Brook discovered the wonderful world of underwater creatures in 2011 when she learned to scuba dive.  She is an avid underwater photographer who hopes to share the incredible majesty of the ocean with others through her images.  Her photographs depict marine life from many destinations around the world, and she can frequently be found diving her home waters of Southern California.


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