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Alpha Alumni

The SEA&SEA Alpha Alumni is composed of professional underwater photographers who fulfilled their term of Alpha program. SEA&SEA USA will continue to maintain mutually beneficial relationship with the Alpha Alumni who are committed to support the underwater photography communities.

From her first day in the ocean getting certified, Janice knew that capturing underwater would be her absolute passion in her life. She has traveled the world searching for the next greatest experience and photograph. She's been featured in multiple magazines, and on a National Geographic show hosted by Sylvia Earle.



Janice Carter

One of Francesca’s greatest joys is sharing her love of underwater photography with others. Shooting professionally since 2006, her portfolio spans the globe including locations such as Indonesia, the Philippines, PNG, Fiji, and Australia and her work often appears in magazines, websites and blogs.



Francesca Diaco

Max’s passion for diving started at early age. He knew he’s always had a passion for the ocean, and his desire to expand his underwater photography experience led him to his very first SEA&SEA housing and strobes. Max is currently a PADI IDC dive instructor, and teaches Underwater Photography classes.



Max Devine


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